5 Health Benefits of Travelling That Can Help You Live Longer

Posted on 06 September 2018 (0)

So you’ve been hiding up in your basement looking for reasons not to travel eeh? Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble as I doubt if you will ever find one.

Travelling is known to have numerous benefits to the traveller and if you are do not travel then you are missing out on a variety of things. For instance, new research has emerged to show that travelling actually has some health benefits to the body that can help you live longer.


Still hiding in your basement and being anti-travel? Bet it will all change after reading these five wonderful benefits travelling has on the health of travellers that can in turn help them live longer.


  1. You Get Healthier And Happier By Travelling: It has been discovered that people who travel have a lower risk of heart attacks than people who don’t. Research also has it that a man who does not travel at least once a year has 20% higher risk of death than people who travel. We also get happier through travels in the sense that those who travel seem to have more sense of content. Seeing the wonders of the world and experiencing so many new things can make you really happy. Laughter is the best medicine they say, and this happiness you experience as a result of travel might just be what increases your life span.
  2. Travel Is A Mood Booster: Travel does a lot of things for us, and virtually all of them impacts us positively. Merely imagining a vacation boosts an individual’s morale. Studies say that one’s life span can significantly become longer by simply staying happy always.
  3. Relaxes The Brain: Imagine being in a new place where a strange language is spoken and you aren’t familiar with the routes. You communicate with other people, this helps you focus and build your memory. Also, travelling is a great way to get away from the things and people that stress you and what better way to relax the brain than to not stress it?
  4. Helps You Get A New Lifestyle: Travel makes you acquainted with the culture of wherever you are. You could fall in love with their dressing and decide to adopt their lifestyle. Adopting a new lifestyle that you are comfortable with especially if it is a better one than your previous one can significantly increase your life span.
  5. Travel Helps You Gain A Sense Of Importance: You could pick up a sense of purpose and importance by lending a helping hand to those who are in dire need. A good turn they say deserves another and you just never know how far this new sense of purpose and importance could add to your peace of mind and in turn potentially make you live longer.

There you have it! Five amazing benefits travelling has on the health of travellers that can help them live longer. You also can join the elite group of potential long livers by simply taking an interest in the wonderful art that is travelling. Pack your bags now and visit that destination you love so much. I promise you won’t regret it.

Out of Holiday Destination options? Try Sweden

Posted on 20 June 2018 (0)

Sweden has been quite popular in recent times for various reasons. There is the extremely cheap and high quality education, the advanced renewable energy systems that has made them an envy of some of the world’s most developed countries, a strong start up culture, and so on. But beyond all of this, there’s something else you can do in Sweden, and that is to take a tourist vacation. We have taken it upon ourselves to scour the nation of Sweden, and bring you some of the most wonderful and attractive sites and sights where you’ll forget all the stress of your everyday life, and enjoy a much needed break.

Before we delve into the allure of interesting places to visit, it is important to point out that this European country has some really interesting people and culture. Add to this a well-organized system of public administration with functional and highly efficient public amenities like roads, electricity, internet, and so on. Although the cost of planning a vacation may be quite on the high side, the fun you’ll have in addition to the beautiful memories that Sweden will leave you with are definitely worth whatever amount you have to spend in order to spend time in this European paradise.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase, here are a couple of interesting things to do and check out while you’re in Sweden:

  • Museums: The country has a rich and long history, and there’s no better place to come in contact with history than at a museum. You can start your tour at the popular Vasa Museum which is made from a ship lifted off the sea. There are also other nice museums to check out such as Abba the Museum in Stockholm, Fotografiska which is a photography museum also situated in Stockholm, the Swedish Air force museum, among many others. If you’re really a history buff and you’re not careful, you may spend your whole vacation moving from museum to museum without going anywhere else throughout your vacation.
  • National Parks: Beautiful parks with plants and animals in their natural habitats are another attraction that the nation of Sweden holds. Playing host to almost 30 national parks in total, Sweden is your dream escape if you’re one who loves nature and always long for the outdoors. Some of the parks that you can add to your travelling itinerary include: Hamra National Park, Tyresta National Park, Sonfjallet National park (there’s a bonus here, this park is renowned for housing a lot of brown bears), and the silent but beautiful Tofsingdalen National Park. There’s a lot more to see than what we have mentioned, and you can always consult your tour guide for help.

Sweden is a beautiful place to be, and your next vacation will surely be complete fun if you choose to hang out here.

Places in Mexico that should be on your Bucket list

Posted on 24 April 2018 (0)

Mexico is at the moment one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Visitors, especially from neighboring countries like USA and Canada, have been flocking to this South American Country to enjoy her beautiful beaches and sceneries. Apart from just aesthetics, travelers are also interested in the rich and deep history and culture that Mexico has to offer. Despite various negative depictions in books and media about drug related violence, tourists remain undeterred.

Visitors are determined to avail themselves of the pleasures provided by Mexican resorts or even from just moving around the cities and interacting with the people. If you’ve been wondering what it is about Mexico that has gotten tourists hooked, and you’re planning to visit. We’ve got a list of places in Mexico you should totally check out.


Zihuatanejo: If you saw the movie Shawshank Redemption you will remember Zihuatanejo as the Mexican beach where Andy asked Red to meet him after leaving jail so they could build a floating hotel. Andy wasn’t fibbing. Zihuatanejo is a really beautiful place with beaches that are so beautiful, they feel out of this world. It’s one of the beauties of Mexico that you shouldn’t miss for any reason whenever you travel that way.

Copper Canyon: Could there be something grander than the Grand Canyon (pun intended)? The answer is yes. Although the Copper Canyon is a combination of different Canyons, the collaborative effect is awe inspiring. A height of almost 8,000 feet above sea level spanning series of bridges and tunnels. The Copper Canyon will leave you gasping in wonder and give a wonderfully humbling experience. Modern technology has been used to enhance this experience by the addition of suspension bridges, hiking trails, and zip lines. This is one stop that will most likely be the highlight of your tourist visit to Mexico.

Various Pyramid Locations: While it’s uncontestable that Egypt holds the top spot in history as far as pyramids are concerned. Mexico also has her fair share of pyramids. Various historical locations all over the country play host to some impressive pyramids that have weathered the storms of time. Some really impressive ones are:

  • The Great Pyramid of Cholula outside Puebla which has been standing for more than 2,000 years
  • The Magician’s pyramid in the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal. It should be noted that the magician’s pyramid is only the tallest pyramid, it isn’t the only one. There are a few others to check out too.
  • The pyramids of the sun and the moon at Teotihuacan. The city was one of the largest settlements in the world at some point in history and plays host to some temples too.

Finally, we don’t think it should be all beaches, canyons, and pyramids. You should get a little taste of city life too and visit Mexico City the capital which is the administrative and political hub of the country. From the modernized lifestyle to the museums containing historical and educational material, this should be a good place to wrap up your visit.

How Pablo Escobar and other drug lords indirectly started the Mexico drug crisis

Posted on 19 February 2018 (0)

Contemporary movies are filled with depictions of Mexico as a stronghold of drugs and drug-related crimes. Criminals from the USA attempt to cross the border in order to evade arrest. Large shipments of cocaine and cannabis are trafficked by gun carrying men speaking Spanish with large tattoos on their bodies. All of these have created an impression of Mexico as a hub of hardened drug criminals.
On one or more occasions, the question may arise in your mind: “Is the drug situation in Mexico really as bad as they say it is?” The answer is yes… and it’s actually a little worse. Today, Mexico is the highest supplier of drugs to the United States all over the world with local consumption on a steady rise. A crackdown on the cartels has led to a bloody drug war since 2006. In 2017 alone, over 23,000 people died as a result of the drug war. This situation can be traced back to the time of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar and we shall show you how.
A short history
Even before the establishment of large and organized drug cartels. Mexico had always been a very useful channel for the influx of illegal materials into the United States due to the shared border. Starting from the period between 1920 and 1933 when alcohol was placed under ban in the US, Mexicans and other nationalities made quick business by smuggling booze into the US.
At the end of the ban (popularly known as the prohibition). Illegal alcohol (now legal) was replaced by drugs pushed by small-time peddlers. By the 1960s and early 1970s when the illegal drug trade really got big. Mexico was a very favourable location for the cartels and dealers through which to push their products. Although most of these big-time drug lords were from other South American countries.
A very popular drug lord was the famous Pablo Escobar (Have you seen Narcos?) who was largely responsible for the supply of Narcotics to America. Following a crackdown on drugs by the American government, however, Escobar had to find an alternate route through which to deliver the “goods”. He found the already existing Mexican drug distribution system very useful and paid the organizers to help move his drugs.
At some point, the Mexicans decided to stop taking cash and get paid in drugs instead. This was most likely the foundation of the Mexican drug trade. Since the Mexican gangs now got paid in cocaine or heroin rather than cash. They were responsible for turning the “products” to money. The gangs had to play a more active role in the distribution and sales of the drugs. This majorly included activities like making contacts with buyers and the neutralization or bribing of security forces. The Mexican drug lords and cartels were therefore created. By the time Pablo Escobar was killed, they were able to take over the drug trade and control the supply both to the US and other parts of the world.
Perhaps if the medium of exchange had been cash throughout, the Mexican cartels would not have had an active role to play and the situation would be different. But like they say “that’s a totally different story”.

Top 5 destinations in Mexico

Posted on 20 October 2017 (0)

Mexico is a great country to visit. This is an interesting country full of places to visit and different food to eat. Many people are going to this great country, but because they don’t know the top 5 destinations, they don’t get the real experience or they don’t go to Mexico in the first place. With these 5 destinations, you will have the best possible experience that you will not forget anytime soon.

Playa Maroma

Playa Maroma is known as the most beautiful beach in the world. And, for sure a place that you should consider visiting, when you are going to Mexico and if you love going to the beach. There are a variety of things and activities that you can do in Playa Maroma for you and for children.

Playa del Carmen

Another beach destination in Mexico that you can visit and have fun at is Playa del Carmen. Many people love going to this town, because of the relaxed environment and the fact that you can do many water activities as a family there.

Mexico’s Grand Canyon

Not many people are aware that Mexico has a Grand Canyon that are really beautiful and something that you should try to see when you are traveling to this great city. The views are spectacular and you are going to see things that you thought that you will never see anywhere.

Mexico City’s Historic Center

Many people are traveling all over the world to see historical buildings and learn more about the history about these buildings. If this is you, then you should make a point of going to the Mexico City’s historic center. There you will see different historical buildings, and learn as much about their history as possible. This is a great experience and will be something that you and your whole family can enjoy.


Guanajuato is a city with a difference. You might consider going to Mexico City, for the experience of large Mexico City life. But, you should not forget about Guanajuato as well. This is a city with a difference and really something that you should consider going to. The city is beautiful and there are many different things that you can see and do in this city.

Mexico has a variety of different things to see and places to go to. The problem is that not many people are aware about these destinations and therefore they don’t experience Mexico as what they should. With these 5 places in Mexico that you should see and visit, you will be able to experience Mexico completely and see everything that is really important and interesting to see. If you are considering going to Mexico make sure that you remember these 5 places to see and you will have the best possible, time there. More Info

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