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5 Health Benefits of Travelling That Can Help You Live Longer

Posted on 06 September 2018 by admin (0)

So you’ve been hiding up in your basement looking for reasons not to travel eeh? Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble as I doubt if you will ever find one.

Travelling is known to have numerous benefits to the traveller and if you are do not travel then you are missing out on a variety of things. For instance, new research has emerged to show that travelling actually has some health benefits to the body that can help you live longer.


Still hiding in your basement and being anti-travel? Bet it will all change after reading these five wonderful benefits travelling has on the health of travellers that can in turn help them live longer.


  1. You Get Healthier And Happier By Travelling: It has been discovered that people who travel have a lower risk of heart attacks than people who don’t. Research also has it that a man who does not travel at least once a year has 20% higher risk of death than people who travel. We also get happier through travels in the sense that those who travel seem to have more sense of content. Seeing the wonders of the world and experiencing so many new things can make you really happy. Laughter is the best medicine they say, and this happiness you experience as a result of travel might just be what increases your life span.
  2. Travel Is A Mood Booster: Travel does a lot of things for us, and virtually all of them impacts us positively. Merely imagining a vacation boosts an individual’s morale. Studies say that one’s life span can significantly become longer by simply staying happy always.
  3. Relaxes The Brain: Imagine being in a new place where a strange language is spoken and you aren’t familiar with the routes. You communicate with other people, this helps you focus and build your memory. Also, travelling is a great way to get away from the things and people that stress you and what better way to relax the brain than to not stress it?
  4. Helps You Get A New Lifestyle: Travel makes you acquainted with the culture of wherever you are. You could fall in love with their dressing and decide to adopt their lifestyle. Adopting a new lifestyle that you are comfortable with especially if it is a better one than your previous one can significantly increase your life span.
  5. Travel Helps You Gain A Sense Of Importance: You could pick up a sense of purpose and importance by lending a helping hand to those who are in dire need. A good turn they say deserves another and you just never know how far this new sense of purpose and importance could add to your peace of mind and in turn potentially make you live longer.

There you have it! Five amazing benefits travelling has on the health of travellers that can help them live longer. You also can join the elite group of potential long livers by simply taking an interest in the wonderful art that is travelling. Pack your bags now and visit that destination you love so much. I promise you won’t regret it.