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Places in Mexico that should be on your Bucket list

Posted on 24 April 2018 by admin (0)

Mexico is at the moment one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Visitors, especially from neighboring countries like USA and Canada, have been flocking to this South American Country to enjoy her beautiful beaches and sceneries. Apart from just aesthetics, travelers are also interested in the rich and deep history and culture that Mexico has to offer. Despite various negative depictions in books and media about drug related violence, tourists remain undeterred.

Visitors are determined to avail themselves of the pleasures provided by Mexican resorts or even from just moving around the cities and interacting with the people. If you’ve been wondering what it is about Mexico that has gotten tourists hooked, and you’re planning to visit. We’ve got a list of places in Mexico you should totally check out.


Zihuatanejo: If you saw the movie Shawshank Redemption you will remember Zihuatanejo as the Mexican beach where Andy asked Red to meet him after leaving jail so they could build a floating hotel. Andy wasn’t fibbing. Zihuatanejo is a really beautiful place with beaches that are so beautiful, they feel out of this world. It’s one of the beauties of Mexico that you shouldn’t miss for any reason whenever you travel that way.

Copper Canyon: Could there be something grander than the Grand Canyon (pun intended)? The answer is yes. Although the Copper Canyon is a combination of different Canyons, the collaborative effect is awe inspiring. A height of almost 8,000 feet above sea level spanning series of bridges and tunnels. The Copper Canyon will leave you gasping in wonder and give a wonderfully humbling experience. Modern technology has been used to enhance this experience by the addition of suspension bridges, hiking trails, and zip lines. This is one stop that will most likely be the highlight of your tourist visit to Mexico.

Various Pyramid Locations: While it’s uncontestable that Egypt holds the top spot in history as far as pyramids are concerned. Mexico also has her fair share of pyramids. Various historical locations all over the country play host to some impressive pyramids that have weathered the storms of time. Some really impressive ones are:

  • The Great Pyramid of Cholula outside Puebla which has been standing for more than 2,000 years
  • The Magician’s pyramid in the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal. It should be noted that the magician’s pyramid is only the tallest pyramid, it isn’t the only one. There are a few others to check out too.
  • The pyramids of the sun and the moon at Teotihuacan. The city was one of the largest settlements in the world at some point in history and plays host to some temples too.

Finally, we don’t think it should be all beaches, canyons, and pyramids. You should get a little taste of city life too and visit Mexico City the capital which is the administrative and political hub of the country. From the modernized lifestyle to the museums containing historical and educational material, this should be a good place to wrap up your visit.